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Strong Current Trilogy

I love to read and love to write. I hope to use the arts to advocate for environmental health issues like climate change.



Under Water: A Strong Current Trilogy Book 1, Giveaway

I'm excited.  Ten winners!  I'll mail out your books tomorrow.  First thing after work. Yep, like most of you, even though I love to read and write, I still have to work to pay the bills.  Please let me know if you like the book. Your feedback will be helpful and much appreciated.  If you like Under Water, please visit my website and check out the other books in the trilogy: Under Ground and Under Stress.  I'll be offering them through booklikes in the next few months.  My author website is www.gregolmstedbooks.com.  Also, if you like reading blogs, check out my environmental health blog www.dirtybusinesspublishing.com. Happy reading!